Tips For Bringing Your New Puppy Home

Tips For Bringing Your New Puppy Home

Our English Cream Golden Retriever puppies are nearing the end of their journey here at Hill Haven Kennel and will be going to their forever homes soon! The ride home could be a breeze or it could end up covering you and your car in puppy urine and/or vomit. Here are some helpful tips for anyone preparing to bring their puppies home to meet their new families:

Tips for the drive home

  1. Have his/her puppy collar and leash.
  2. Have a small travel crate or soft sided carrier. It’s easiest and safest to have something to put your puppy in while driving so he isn’t moving around the vehicle.
  3. Bring a couple of suitable puppy toys. These will help comfort your puppy at this scary time.
  4. Have a supply of food and water- If making a long trip home, be sure to bring enough supply to last the drive.
  5. Bring a blanket for holding, and also comforting your new puppy.
  6. Bring paper towels in case of accidents.
  7. Bring wipes and/or sanitizing wipes.
  8. Bring a trash bag.
  9. Have patience… lots of patience!!

As exciting as it is to finally be bringing your puppy home, being prepared is a great way to make it fun. Having these items should help you to be prepared for anything that’s thrown at you during your puppy pickup!