Common Questions and Answers

We have provided a list of several questions and answers we often deal with at Hill Haven Kennel. If you have another question that is not provided below, feel free to send us your question, or give us a call!

How is the Hill Haven English Cream Golden Retriever different from others?

This breed is rare, sought out, and a choice breed among others. We focus on breeding a clean line of dogs, we do not just breed golden retrievers like other breeders. We know quality is absolutely essential when it comes to selecting the perfect breed.

How does the selection process work for puppies?

We do not require anyone to select a puppy until they are 6 weeks old. During the initial 6 week period, the puppies will have time to develop properly. We observe the personalities and characteristics of each puppy. We provide buyers with accurate descriptions of each puppy, making it easier for people to find the best puppy for their personality and lifestyle needs. Ask about our activity and personality scoring process to see how we observe the puppies and score them based on their behaviors.

What health clearances do your dogs have?

Each of our dogs will receive thorough examinations to test for weaknesses in the hips and elbows. Our veterinarian will clear each puppy with the American Kennel Association and others to ensure each puppy meets their standards.

How much do your puppies cost?

Our dogs are exceptionally well bread, observed closely and taken care of individually in our home. They get training, vaccinations and a thorough vet check before they go to their new homes. An English Cream Golden Retriever costs between $3000 and $3500. At the moment we offer them at a special price of $1500! We encourage you to make an appointment to meet our puppies if you are interested! Also please fill out an application from. This will allow us to determine which puppies are best suited for your home.

What is the cost to ship puppies?

The shipping cost for puppies will vary based on your location. The average cost to have a puppy shipped to you is normally around $500 or more.

What type of warranty do you provide?

No one wants to end up with a puppy that doesn’t work out well for their family. We provide up to a 4-year dog health warranty. We care about the overall health and wellness of the puppy you adopt. Our warranty will protect your investment; learn more about our warranty by reviewing the information found on the warranty page.

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy

Do you provide an extended warranty?

Our extended warranty will increase your warranty by 1-4 years. Click on our warranty page to learn more about the detailed coverage options of an extended warranty.

What’s the difference between English and American Golden Retrievers?

The lighter colored coat of the English golden retrievers makes them easier to spot from the American golden retriever. The English golden retriever has a larger, blocky head with a larger muzzle compared to the American golden retriever.

Do you have an extended training program?

Proper puppy training is vital if you want your dog to behave. Our tiered training program helps the dogs to learn in a variety of ways. Each puppy will receive training before they are sold. Owners need to keep up with the at-home training methods to correctly train their new puppy.

Would a 12 or 16 week old puppy have a hard time bonding?

No. Our puppies are naturally able to bond with their new owners. Our golden retrievers are extremely loyal and loving.

puppies on a walk

How do I reserve a puppy?

If you would like to reserve a puppy, you need to fill out an application form. We breed for the betterment of the breed, not just to make money. Contact us today to get started with your adoption process.