Our AKC and EKC confirmed English Cream Golden Retrievers are raised in the home and are used to being around families. We focus on helping our dogs enjoy being around children, family members, and other dogs. Our mission is to breed world-class quality dogs, in excellent health, with loving temperaments. We ensure our dogs and puppies are in top health conditions.

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Magic Jasper - Eastern European Union Grand Champion

Magic Jasper

International All Eastern European Union Grand Champion

Hill Haven Kennel was founded in 1996 by Gent “Dewey” Wilson III. He has been involved in showing and breeding English Golden Retrievers for over 30 years. It is his true passion, he deeply cares about each and every pup. The adventures he often hears about his puppies’ homes warms his heart. For instance, there is the family with three small daughters that are no longer playing with dolls, but instead dressing puppy up and playing with him all day long – and yes, English Golden Retrievers are super friendly family dogs!

2023 Puppy Parents

Magic Jasper

Magic Jasper is an all-Eastern European Grand International show champion.

Sir Bacchus

Sir Bacchus is the son of Magic Jasper, an all-Eastern European Grand International show champion.

Lady Maverick

Lady Maverick is an AKC Golden Retriever and an excellent mother.

Lady Remington

Lady Remington is an AKC Golden Retriever.


OFA# GR-CA26568/72M/C-VPI
AKC #: SR85403309
Date of Birth: July 17, 2008

Apollo Augustus “Apollo” is the son of Maximus Aurelius Cosmos “Max” and Pella Pia Dora “Pella”. Apollo was born in our home and is one of the puppies from the first litter at Hill Haven Kennels. We enjoyed raising Apollo. He is extremely easy to train and always wants to please.

Apollo comes from a long line of AKC and EKC champion English Cream Golden Retrievers and has the same outstanding traits as both his parents. He is a retriever at heart, which he demonstrates constantly by bringing his favorite toy or sock.

Apollo has a wonderful temperament and he often complimented for his regal disposition among our dogs. He is gentle loving and extremely loyal. He loves to be around people and is very good with children. Besides his great disposition, he is also a very handsome male. He has a strong, healthy, and muscular build. He has a golden white coat, big deep black eyes and a large black nose.

Apollo is our current “alpha” male and we are confident his puppies will demonstrate the outstanding qualities of both the English Golden Retriever and the American Golden Retriever.

Apollo Agustus - English Cream Golden Retriever Sire of Haven Hill Kennel
English Cream Golden Retriever Cleo


Date of Birth: February 9, 2014

Cleopatra Amara “Cleo” is our youngest dog. She is also a graduate of Recherche’s puppy college. She is an intelligent fast learner. Cleo has a sweet and happy disposition. She is independent and confident. We have enjoyed watching Cleo grow and establish her place with the other dogs and in our family. She is cooperative and always wants to please. Cleo has a light cream colored coat, deep black eyes and a strong athletic physique. We are excited about her future contributions to our kennel. Her bloodlines are the perfect compliment to the champions we are breeding.

Loves to Take Chances of Recherche “Duchess”

AKC# SR76891206
Date of Birth: March 7, 2013

Duchess has as an outstanding pedigree. Duchess is very independent, self-sufficient, with a sweet, but strong personality. Like all golden retrievers, she is intelligent and has a strong aptitude for learning. She always wants to please. Duchess has stunning physical characteristics, exemplifying the best of the English Golden Retriever. She has a strong bone structure, with a creamy white coat, big black eyes and has an inordinate love for water and swimming. Duchess had her first litter of 10 puppies on October 8, 2014. Her puppies exhibit all the characteristics of the English Golden Retriever… beautiful, well-tempered, and intelligent.

English Cream Golden Retriever Dam - Duchess
Caesar- English Cream Golden Retriever

Nobleza de Dioses of Recherché “Caesar”

AKC#: SR77489310
Date of Birth: May 9, 2013

Caesar came to us ready to go! He is a graduate of puppy college and is exceedingly obedient. He fits in perfectly with all the dogs and our family. We have enjoyed raising him since he was a puppy because he is always just so happy to see us. He really loves to be held, cuddled, kissed, and there is no such thing as “smothering” Caesar! He simply loves being loved.

We have really enjoyed being a part of Caesar’s puppy training. We have had so much fun watching Caesar gain confidence in his abilities.

Caesar is known for his dependent and patient disposition. He is young and full of life! He absolutely loves to be around people and we have no worries if he is left around small children.

Caesar has a muscular build and has handsome physical features. He has strong and sturdy physique and with a cream colored coat and deep black eyes. He aims to please and he will do just about anything to get your attention too! We are sure that his pups will be just as loving and sweet as he is.

Caesar - Cream Golden Retriever Sire of Hill Haven Kennel

Wilson’s Maximus Cosmos (Retired)

AKC# SN87049306
Born: August 19, 2001

Max is the dog that captured our heart. His membership in our family motivated Dewey to establish Hill Haven Kennel in 2008.

Max is the product of selected breeding of both American and European bloodlines. His father was an AKC field hunting champion. He displays the best of the classic characteristics of the English Golden Retriever. Max possesses a rich and thick coat, which is light golden in color. In temperament he is loving, social, and obedient to command. Puppies sired by Max have displayed a robust constitution, excellent conformation, and superior intelligence. In temperament they have been loving, loyal, social and obedient.

English Retriever- Wilson's Maximus - original Sire of Hill Haven Kennel

Romeo of the Morning Valley

AKC# SR28068305
Born: October 10 2004

Romeo is a large male of European lineage. We brought Romeo from the Netherlands as a puppy. He comes from a long line of champions. He is registered with both the AKC and EKC. Romeo is gentle and friendly in temperament, without being shy or retiring. He is anxious to please and obedient to command. He is a retriever at heart, constantly bringing you his favorite toy. Romeo possesses a classic conformation. He is a sturdy muscular dog weighing 85 pounds. He has a thick wavy coat almost white in color. Puppies sired by Romeo tend to be large in size with a classic configuration and thick wavy coats. They have also demonstrated the inherent traits of a retriever at an early age.

White Golden Retriever - Romeo of Hill Haven Kennel
English-Cream Golden Retriever- Pella

Pella Pia Dora “Pella” (Retired)

AKC# SR48601502
Born: July 4, 2004

Pella is a beautiful female dog from Europe. Pella has a gentle and kind temperament. She is eager to please and responds obediently to commands. Pella possesses a beautiful white coat, that compliments her strong structure. Pella’s puppies usually possess her kind temperament and are curious and playful. Her litters are active and demonstrate the classical demeanor of the Golden Retriever. They are well socialized and quickly become adored by family and friends.